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I am taking Chemistry, English, Calculus, Visual Art and Drama as my subjects this year. I've done pretty well in the last few years all round academically achieving both Level 1 and 2 Endorsed with Excellence. So my goal this year is to also achieve Level 3 Endorsed with Excellence so I can go into tertiary education and make it into courses and work that I'll hopefully love. My interests include volleyball, acting, painting and hiking. Next year I hope to attend Victoria University in Wellington, hopefully helped by a scholarship or two, and to be doing Psychology and Theatre.

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I'm taking Chemistry, English, Mathematics & Statistics, Sports Science and Outdoor Education this year. I am involved in sports throughout the school such as, Athletics, Netball, Rugby, Volleyball, and Equestrian. My goals for this year are to become a confident speaker through participating in assemblies, and speaking at different events. My other goal is to become a great role model and representative for my school through my new position by trying my best in all I do.

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This year my choice of subjects are Sport Science, Biology, Economics, English Media Studies and Accounting. All though my subjects are split between sports and business my main passion is sports with my two main sports being lacrosse and volleyball. I want to try to become the best I can at lacrosse which I have just completed the first step by competing at men's nationals. I plan to make this year the best year I can and go out better than I came into this school, a confident speaker and a great role model. After school I am planning on going to either Otago or AUT for physiotherapy or some type of degree in the sporting industry.

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The subjects I am taking this year are Sport and Recreation Studies, Sports Elite, Tourism and Travel, Outdoor Education and Geography. I am into a lot of different types of sports. I play Volleyball, Rugby, Touch and my main sport being Lacrosse. I’ve been playing lacrosse for 2 years and hope to be taking out the high school competition this year. My goals this year are to gain NCEA Level 3, become a confident speaker, make the NZ U18 Lacrosse Team and most importantly make the most of this year and take every opportunity that comes my way. When I leave school, I plan to further my knowledge in the physical outdoors and share my experience with others.

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BOT Rep - MJ Neethling

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