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Lockdown Information for Parents/Caregivers

What is a Lockdown?

An emergency event may require an evacuation or a lockdown. A lock-down would be used anytime students need to be contained and protected inside school buildings.

Why might a school go into Lockdown?

When a situation exists where there is a hazard outside or within the school a lockdown may be initiated. These hazards could be environmental or caused by people.

A chemical spill, for example, could put students and staff at risk of toxic inhalation if allowed outside, or someone could have made a threat to the school, staff or students.

A request from the Police or other agencies due to dangers or events outside the school may result in the Police requesting a lock-down of the school to prevent putting students and staff in danger. A person whose behaviour is violent or threatening within the school to staff and/or students, or a student whose behaviour poses an immediate threat to student/staff safety, or other threats or acts of violence may also result in a lockdown.

When a lockdown is signaled, students are directed to a classroom or a designated place in the school. Staff secure the room, close and lock doors and windows, turn off lights, close blinds etc. and students move into a place where they cannot be seen. Student and staff safety is the intent at all times throughout a lockdown.

If/when a lockdown is implemented students are instructed to turn off all electronic devices, including cell phones, as communication from within or outside of the situation can cause panic, confusion or distress.

What parents/caregivers should and should not do during a Lockdown

If a lockdown is implemented, part of that process involves mass communication with parents/caregivers at the earliest opportunity, (note: this is unlikely to be immediately when the lockdown is signaled), using communication tools at our disposal (currently Te Awamutu College Facebook, mass e-mail or text alert).

If notified that the school is in lockdown DO NOT attempt to communicate with your child, DO NOT come to the school to collect your child and DO NOT attempt to contact the school about what is happening. Police and/or emergency services will control the lockdown situation and they will indicate when it is safe to lift the lockdown. The lifting of the lockdown will be communicated to you and at the soonest available opportunity, information about the lockdown will be shared.

Should the lockdown extend to after school hours, further communication will be sent regarding a controlled release of students, the operation of buses and how and where students can be collected from etc.

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