International Student Programme

The International Student Programme at Te Awamutu College started in 2005. The programme attracts students from several countries who wish to gain New Zealand Qualifications, develop their ability with the use of the English language and experience our culture and lifestyle. The students are integrated into mainstream classes currently offered at Year 9 – Year 13 Levels.

Entry criteria for students applying from overseas will include a requirement that they have: ‘A good standard of written and spoken English’. When required, students will also participate in the ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) programme at the College.

Students are placed with homestay families who can care well for them and offer opportunities to participate in sporting, arts or cultural activities and/or to travel to other parts of New Zealand.

2021 Information for International Students

2021 International Student Enrolment Form

2021 Fees And Costs Short Term Stays

2021 Fees And Costs

2021 Homestay Information And Conditions

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International Student ProgrammeInternational Student Programme

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