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Our most recent ERO Report was again highly positive:

“Te Awamutu College has strong links to the local community. Students benefit from a wide range of academic, sporting, cultural and social opportunities. They have a strong sense of belonging and enjoy success in an environment that is inclusive. Relationships among students, teachers and whānau are positive and respectful.

Te Awamutu College is part of a strong and thriving community. Through our “Gateway” Programme, and through our links with the businesses and organisations in the community our students have the opportunity to experience the full range of what the community has to offer. One of our aims is to ensure that our students are well prepared for the world that awaits them.

Te Awamutu College has large, attractive grounds and up-todate facilities. We are proud of the restaurant which is part of the Food Technology and Hospitality area. We are proud of our computer suites which are in constant use and provide the students with the latest in computer technology. A computer suite has also been set up in the Mathematics block to utilise available software in this curriculum area. The Library has an amazing range of fiction and non-fiction resources and 31 computers available for student use.

We have, over time, extensively renovated and outfitted the Art and Photography classrooms (including darkroom) and the double-storied Rochfort Block (Computing, Information Management, Science, Social Sciences). We completed an extensive refurbishment of our Music suites, accompanied by the latest technology. We refurbished the existing gym and built an impressive new gymnasium which are put to great use by our Physical Education classes and sports teams. We have completed an upgrade of the Hard Materials Technology block. O-Tawhao Marae has had some modernisation and refurbishment.

2017 saw the introduction of compulsory BYOD for our Year 9 students. 2018 will be the same and Year 10 will, of course, now be compulsory BYOD. (Students at all other levels will be able to use a range of devices with the approval of their respective teachers). Extensive work on our infrastructure has occurred, along with extensive professional development for our staff. This is to maximise the benefits of digital technologies in supporting and enhancing teaching, learning and assessment practices for our staff and students, along with meeting our administration and management needs.

We are also intent on supporting our students to be responsible, safe and critical thinking digital citizens.

The staff at Te Awamutu College are well qualified, hardworking and passionate. They are always looking for ways to improve the learning outcomes for their students. Ongoing professional development in the school and through external providers ensures that all staff are kept up-to-date with latest developments in the world of teaching and learning.

I look forward to meeting you at Te Awamutu College where our aim is to create learning success for every student.

Tony Membery

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