The role of the Dean is central to the pastoral system at Te Awamutu College. 

Deans are often the first point of contact for parents who have questions or concerns about something relevant to their child's education. 

Their pastoral role includes meeting with students to discuss issues involving academic progress, goal setting, course selection, behaviour, leadership opportunities etc. 

They also liaise with a large number of staff to help monitor the progress of students as well as working with a wide range of external agencies.

Year 9

Ext 209
Trina Roberts & Samuel Tharratt

Year 10

Ext 210
Chelsea Anderson & Chris Wynne 

2023 Year 9 Deans 450x300

Year 11

Ext 211
Katie Wilson & David Prout 

2024 Year 11 Deans 450x300

Year 12

Ext 212
Laurel Silvester & Will Cawkwell

2023 Year 11 Deans 450x300

Year 13

Ext 213
Dave Smith 

2024 Year 13 Deans 450x360

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