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Te Awamutu College has an active Guidance Department and all students are encouraged to approach the counsellors when they have concerns about any aspects of their lives. Visiting the counsellors is regarded as a proactive and positive way for students to take some responsibility for their own health and wellbeing. Support staff, Health Centre, teaching staff, Deans and Senior Management are very supportive of the work done in Guidance and often work in collaboration with the counsellors to support the students and their families. All of these people share a commitment to maintaining an emotionally and socially safe, healthy school. They also recognise that students are much more likely to achieve well when they are settled at school and can access strategies and support to cope with some of the difficulties that may arise.

We have one full-time counsellor and 1 part-time counsellor.  The school counsellors hold counselling qualifications and are full members of the New Zealand Association of Counsellors. All our counsellors abide by NZAC’s Code of Ethics which includes maintaining confidentiality except in cases of imminent and serious risk. Our counsellors have regular supervision outside the department and are committed to ongoing professional development.

The counsellors work with individuals, groups, couples, parents or other family combinations. Appointments can be requested by students or referrals can be made by parents or staff. Counsellors can be contacted through the Student Centre, or directly on extensions 216 and 217.

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