BYOD / Digital Teaching and Learning

BYOD / Digital Teaching and Learning - Our Learning Areas - Te Awamutu College

BYOD Year 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13

In 2023 we are again requiring Year 9 students to bring to school a device which meets our minimum criteria (published on the website and in the enrolment package).  We believe that digital technologies are an extremely valuable tool to enhance teaching and learning. We also wish our students to become responsible and safe digital citizens.

Digital Teaching and Learning

Digital skills are part of almost every job and career. Students of the twenty-first century are also greatly assisted in their learning by technology. Te Awamutu College has recognised the importance of this by careful long term planning. We now have over 340 computers in the school, including three computer laboratories with the latest computer hardware and software and a number of computer pods, including photography/art and digital music suites. Internet access and making databases available for research have been one focus. Digital technology is integrated into teaching and learning programmes. In addition to specialist computing classes, computers are used to facilitate student learning throughout the curriculum.  We are an Office 365 school.

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