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Katrina Amituanai

This year my choice of subjects is Sport Science, Geography, History, English and Mathematics with Statistics. I have done well in the last two years of NCEA achieving both Level 1 and 2 Endorsed with Excellence. I have a passion for sport and through this I have been involved with various sports through Te Awamutu College. This includes: Volleyball, Netball, Basketball, Touch and Athletics. However, this year I have taken a step back as I am injured and now have put my focus into coaching.
My goals this year are to achieve Level 3 Endorsed with Excellence and to communicate and create new relationships more confidently and comfortably. When I leave school, I plan to attend Waikato University, hopefully helped by a scholarship. Although, I am unsure of what I want to study there yet.

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Tegan Walmsley

This year the subjects I am taking are English, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry and Economics. I’ve achieved to quite a high level over the past few years, endorsing both NCEA Level 1 and 2 with Excellence, as well as representing both Waikato and New Zealand playing Lacrosse. My goals for this year are to fulfil my role as Head Student to the best of my ability, whilst improving my public speaking ability. I also hope to endorse Level 3 with Excellence and continue to play lacrosse at a high level of representation. My interests include lacrosse, equestrian, snow skiing and water skiing. Next year I am planning on studying Engineering at the University of Canterbury, or Health Sciences at the University of Otago.

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Jack Gibson

The subjects I am taking this year are: Food Technology, Sport Elite, Sport and Recreation Studies, Outdoor Education and Geography. I am very sports and outdoors oriented. I Snowboard and play Rugby for the school. I am the captain of our Clay Target Shooting team and hope to try lacrosse for the first time this year. My goals for this year are to become a confident public speaker, to make the most of the opportunities that come my way and to do well at the Clay Target Shooting nationals. After school I plan to travel the globe.

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Te Kapamanawakii Crown

The subjects I am studying this year are Mathematics with Calculus, Physics, Biology, Sports Science and Sport Elite. I am equally passionate in both sporting and academic achievements, but my primary sport is rugby. I have had the honour to be one of the 1st XV co-captains last year and I have been lucky enough to retain the co-captaincy of the 1st XV again this year. To top off a great year, last year I also made the Tainui Waka Under 17s, the Waikato Under 16s and the Chiefs Under 17 Development squad. I am honoured to be one of the Head Students and look forward to the year ahead. Goals for me this year are to firstly, fulfill my role as Head Student to a high standard and captain the 1st XV to a successful season. Individually my goals are to further my achievements at representative level in rugby and to pass NCEA Level 3 with majority of my subjects endorsed with Merit. My future plans are to make the most of the opportunities presented to me and set myself up for a well-rounded and fulfilling life in the future.

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BOT Rep - MJ Neethling

Last year I was voted by the students of Te Awamutu College, to be their Student Representative on the Board of Trustees – thanks to them for giving me this honour and privilege – to be your voice for 2019.
The subjects I am taking this year are: Mathematics, English, Dance, Economics, Sport Elite and Sport Science. I want to gain NCEA Level 2 to the best of my ability.
I have a passion for dance and have been lucky enough to compete in countries around the world. I have played for the 1st XV Rugby team for the last two years.

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