Head Students 2021

Atareipounamu Crown

This year the subjects I am taking are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics with Statistics, Sport Elite and Sport and Recreational Studies. Sport is one of the main focuses in my life, whilst also taking pride in my academic education to pursue a career in the medical profession. 

I have been privileged enough to Co-captain and Captain the Girls’ 1st XV rugby team for the past two years as rugby is the main sport I play.

My goals for this year are to fulfill my role as Head Student as best I can, achieve NCEA Level 3 endorsed with Merit or Excellence, and to continue to represent at higher levels in the chosen sport that I play. I am motivated in both sporting and academic education. Next year I am planning on studying medicine at Auckland University.
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Mackenzie Harris

This year the subjects I am taking are English, Statistics, Sport Elite, Biology, and Earth and Space Science. I have done quite well in my two last years of NCEA, achieving both Level 1 and Level 2 endorsed with Merit. I have played in the 1st Xl hockey team and the College prem lacrosse team since Year 9. 

My goal this year is to achieve Level 3.  I also aim to help Captain both the 1st Xl hockey team as well as the prem lacrosse team.

I am excited to lead with my fellow Head Students and hope to have a fun final year at Te Awamutu College. I hope to fulfil all my Head Student responsibilities to the best of my ability and represent Te Awamutu College with pride. When I leave school, I plan to attend university to study nursing or environmental sciences.

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Bayley Quin

This year the subjects I am taking are Accounting, English, Economics, Statistics and History. The past two years have been a great success for me as I have endorsed both NCEA Level 1 and 2 with Excellence while staying involved within the sports and committees I have a strong passion for. 

My sport of choice is tennis, although I had played football for over five years before coming to Te Awamutu College.

My goals for the year are to see through my year as Head Student to a high standard and ensure I achieve academically on par with previous years, endorsing Level 3 with Excellence. I also plan to participate in as many social and cultural groups throughout the school, making the most of my last year at College.

Next year I plan to study business management, moving into financial-risk management at Waikato University, with a finance major, ultimately helping to lead investments at financial institutions worldwide.

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Matthew Yarndley

For the past two years, I have achieved my goal of endorsing both NCEA Level One and Two with excellence, I am aiming to do the same with Level Three. The subjects I have chosen to take are Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Geography and Graphics and Design.

Hockey is my sporting passion, and I have been a member of the Boys 1st XI Hockey team since Year Nine and hope to do the same this year. I am also looking to continue playing hockey at club level, as well as continue umpiring the sport. 

This year I am wanting to carry out the role of Head Student to the highest level of my ability and participate in all that I can from what school has to offer. I am intending to continue with both the Health, Services and Camp Committees and join the Ball Committee.   

My current plans for next year are to study a Bachelor of Health Science with a major in Public Health, going on to do a diploma in Health Management at either the University of Otago, or the University of Auckland.

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BOT   Rep - Jacob Chetwin

This year the subjects I am taking are the Year 10 core subjects plus Sport Elite and Business Studies. These subjects will help me in my lifetime goal of becoming an entrepreneur and leading a strong healthy lifestyle.   

I have had the opportunity to become the Student Representative at a very early age and for that I am extremely grateful, it is not a position I take lightly. I enjoy hearing all of the ideas you have to improve this school for you. 

My goals for this year are to carry out my role as successfully as possible and place in as many Zone school events as I can. Hopefully the year is going to be better than last and we will be able to get out and complete our goals.

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