Head Students 2023

Billy Ouston

The subjects I am taking this year are Media Studies, Mathematics, Outdoor Education, Sport Elite and Sport & Recreation. I have attained Levels 1 and 2 for NCEA and hope to get Level 3.  I have achieved these by being conscientious and applying myself.

I am very passionate about sports and recreation, my main sport being rugby where I was lucky enough to make 1st XV  last year. A key aspiration of mine for the year is to of course hold on to the Waipa Cup by defeating Cambridge again and then further the season by hopefully getting redemption and winning our division. I also love being outdoors in my element hunting and fishing.

Throughout the year I'd love to enhance the great things that already happen at this school such as opportunities for all different students in sports and education. The main focus of mine for the year is to make the most of Year 13 and really enjoy my final year at school. But I’m currently just keeping my options open for my future.

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Kirk Van Marrewijk

The subjects that I am taking this year are Biology, Mathematics & Statistics, English, Sport Elite and Sports Science. Sport is a very important thing in my life, but I do strive to find a good balance between social, sport and school workload. 

I have played multiple sports for Te Awamutu College such as playing basketball in Year 9, I also played in the Under 15 and Development 15 rugby teams in Year 10 and Year 11. 

I have currently been training in traditional Taekwon-Do  and Brazilian Jujitsu through Glenview Martial Arts. Another interest of mine is music, I play the bass and also sing in a band called the Pastafarians. 

Some of my goals for the year are getting my University Entrance, Level 3 NCEA, and enjoying every step of the way. Next year I am planning to study a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at the Waikato Institute of Technology (WINTEC).

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Sarah Druce

This year the subjects that I am taking are Sports Science, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics & Statistics and English. In my past two years of NCEA I have endorsed Level 1 with Excellence and Level 2 with Merit and achieved Gold Distinction and Silver Excellence medallions.

I have played for the 1st IX hockey team for the past four years and I look forward to the season ahead. I also love to compete in motocross with my family and friends. Rock climbing and mountain biking are other sports that I enjoy taking part in at the College.

My goals for 2023 are to fulfill my duties as Head Student, achieve NCEA Level 3 and continue to develop my skills in my chosen sports.

Next year I am undecided but looking at studying physiotherapy.

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Stella Quigley

The subjects I am taking this year are Biology, Chemistry, English, Sports Science and Mathematics & Statistics. During the last two years I obtained NCEA Level 1 and 2 with Merit and achieved two Silver Excellence medallions.  

I thoroughly enjoy playing a variety of different sports. My favourite sport is netball where I play goal attack for the school Premier team. In 2020 I represented New Zealand in CrossFit.  

My goals for 2023 are to carry out the role of Head Student to my greatest ability by being a positive role model. I aim to achieve NCEA Level 3 with Merit and gain University Entrance. I also plan to continue playing netball for TAC and enjoy my last year of college.

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Board Rep - Avé Culpan

This year I am taking Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics, Art, Extension English, History and Sport science as my subjects. Last year I worked hard, passing NCEA Level 1 with Excellence. I now look forward to this new year, wanting to push myself further and making the most of all opportunities presented to me.  

I love sports! and through my time so far at Te Awamutu College I have played rugby, netball, hockey and basketball. Captaining both the girls' basketball and the hockey girl's development team. In my down time I pursue my creative interests in music and art. Playing guitar helps me to de-stress and relax as well as drawing and painting.   

My goals for 2023 involve extending myself academically as well as in the arts and sports, making the most of my final years of high school. This year I aim to carry out to the best of my ability my role as student representative, with the intention of creating a better school environment, inspiring change and advocating for a better student life.

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