Head Students 2022

Marnie Gielen

This year the subjects I am taking are, Biology, Mathematics and Statistics, English Extension, Economics and Business Studies and History. In my past NCEA years I have attained Level 1 endorsed with Excellence and Level 2 with Merit and have achieved gold and silver Excellence credits awards.

I have played lacrosse for the school and clubs throughout my early years at college and am playing for the school again this year. I am also a part of the Service, Health and Environment committees and intend to join the Ball committee later in the year.

My goals this year are to fulfill my duties as Head Student to the best of my abilities and to enjoy my last year at Te Awamutu College. I also want to gain Level 3 endorsed with Merit and get into Waikato University to study management, majoring in Human Resources.

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Elijah Lee

This year the subjects I am taking are Earth and Space Science, Outdoor Education, Mathematics and Statistics, Geography and English. Sport is one of the most important aspects in my life however I work hard on finding a balanced lifestyle with my education, employment and social scene.

I have played for the Boys’ Premier Lacrosse since Year 9 and I was privileged enough to captain the team in 2021 and look forward to doing the same in 2022.

Some of my goals for this year are to be the best role model possible in and out of school, to gain University Entrance in Level 3 NCEA, to make New Zealand U18 Men’s Lacrosse and to have fun in my last year of high school.

Next year I plan on attending the University of Waikato at either the Hamilton or Tauranga campus. I am still undecided on what I will study however I have my eyes on earning a Bachelor of Social Sciences, majoring in Psychology.

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Brooke Penny

The subjects I am taking this year are Biology, Calculus, English, Sports Science, and Sport Elite. My past two years of NCEA went quite well and I was endorsed with Excellence at Level 1 and endorsed with Merit at Level 2.

Sports are my passion, the main sports I do are netball and motocross, which I have represented the school in for various competitions, and BMX racing in which I have represented New Zealand multiple times.

My goals for this year are to achieve NCEA Level 3 with a Merit or Excellence endorsement and continue to better myself in my chosen sports. Next year I plan to train as a Motorcycle Technician as I purely enjoy working on motorbikes.

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Adam Swney

The subjects I am taking this year are Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths & Statistics, and Sports Science. Through the previous two years, I have achieved NCEA Level 1, and NCEA Level 2, both with Excellence, and I am aiming to do the same this year in NCEA Level 3.

The main sport which I compete in is cycling, representing Te Awamutu College at regional, club, and national levels. Although this year I will be playing hockey, and using cycling to keep my fitness up, while keeping in touch with old friends.

My goal this year is to lead Te Awamutu College to my very best ability, but also continue achieving highly in my academic life, all the while maintaining my current level of fitness and skill in other sports.

Throughout 2023 and the years to come, I plan to study medicine at the University of Otago or Auckland, going on to a career either in surgery or emergency medicine.

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Board Rep - Jacob Chetwin

This year the subjects I am taking are Mathematics, English, Chem/Phys, Electronics, Accounting and Sport and Recreation Studies. I have chosen these subjects to be challenged, to learn and to have a general balance of academic and high interest subjects.

I love road cycling, running, swimming and golf. These are just four sporting activities I do to keep myself in shape and clear my mind from a busy school life. I have spent the past 5 years competing in regional and national level events, however, my focus is pivoting towards swimming and running. I swim 4 nights a week and I’m gradually increasing my running mileage to over ten kilometres a week.

My goals for this year are to place in as many school, zones and regional sporting events as possible, endorse NCEA Level 1 with Excellence, and carry out my final year as Board Student Rep as best I can.

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