What Can You Expect From Us?

This prospectus outlines our vision for the college and what we see as our key goals for our students. We are committed to providing excellent educational opportunities and we are energetic in our effort to ensure every student makes the most of what we offer.

We pride ourselves on being large enough to give a full range of opportunities but small enough to see each student as an individual.

Te Awamutu College cares about its students and has in place systems and processes that:

We Do This Through:

a strong, well resourced Careers’ Department and Employment Skills programme • committed, professional guidance counsellors • an active house system and a network of year level deans • a school-wide discipline programme • a structured and thorough attendance system • staff and peer mentors • academic counselling Communicating With Parents: Honest and open two-way communication between parents and school is vitally important. We Make Regular Contact Via: • a school newsletter • "Connectionz" centre-spread in local newspaper each term • one interim and two formal reports per year • parent/teacher interview evenings • teachers and deans who are encouraged to contact home when issues arise • an interview with all students and their parents/caregivers at enrolment • an orientation programme for Year 9 at the start of the year • NCEA Information Evenings • Whanau Hui What We Expect From Parents/Caregivers: Te Awamutu College sees parents as very valuable members of the school community. We want parents to tell us what it is they want from their school. We want to know if parents have concerns. We would also like parents to support our rules on uniform, attendance, behaviour and home learning. We expect parents to assist us in meeting the learning needs of your students. What We Expect From Our Students Te Awamutu College has clear and firm expectations of its students. These are laid out in detail in every classroom. In simple terms our expectations are that: Students show respect for their own learning needs and property, and the needs and property of others. Students will be at school each day, on time and in the correct uniform. Classwork and homework will be completed to the best of their ability. The basic expectations are part of building a safe and purposeful working environment. We want students to enjoy school. We want them to develop a pride in themselves and in the college. Standards Of Work Students need to be proud of what they achieve at school. This can be demonstrated through a high standard of class work. To achieve these standards it is expected that:- • All work shall be completed and presented in a tidy manner. • Students will be expected to make their best effort possible. • Excellent work may be displayed or shown to the Principal. • Learning Environment Expectations for classroom behaviour and cooperation are met. Home Learning At Te Awamutu College we place an emphasis on being organised and ready for the school day. Home learning diaries are compulsory and have proven to be very successful. This provides details of work to be done. It is a reminder for students, as well as an ongoing check for parents and staff. Parents are encouraged to use the comments section to maintain contact with teachers. To assist the students, teachers are asked to set extra work as part of the general teaching programme, as a means of: • Reviewing work and practising skills learnt during the day • Providing extension activities beyond the classroom. • Developing habits of home study which are important contributors to academic success. All students should have some work to do at home each night. Achieving a balance between work related to school and leisure activities is very important.

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